Tuesday, October 2, 2007



Once santa singh sardarji was taking rest in a beach . . .
An English man came 2 him and asked "Are u relaxing?"
Sardar replied : "NO! I'm Santa singh" . . .
After sometime another English man came and asked "Are u relaxing?"
Sardar replied :"NO! I'm santa singh"
. . . After that he got fed up when again a English man asked that ...
so he left that place in anger . . .
After leaving the place, while he was walking,
he saw one Englishman sitting aside alone ..
He went near him and asked the man "Are u relaxing?".
The Englishman replied "YES! I'm relaxing" . . .
SARDARJI GAVE HIM 2 SLAPS AND SAID " All are searching for u there and u are sitting here alone! " ..

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